All things media: January

So this year, I am 100% determined to achieve a bit more balance between my job and my home life. I have been known to really neglect myself and my feelings and to give myself huge guilt when it comes to relaxing and doing the things that I enjoy. Even as I type this, I... Continue Reading →


Why I love a bath…

Towards the end of 2017, I found that things were getting a bit too hectic for my liking. Every plan that needed to be made, every piece of work that needed completing, even making plans with friends; they all amounted to an unnecessary feeling of chaos and anxiety. I am someone who battles with mental... Continue Reading →

One palette: three January looks

So, I am known amongst my friends as a bit of a make-up addict. To the extent that for Christmas, two people INDEPENDENTLY bought me a rotating cosmetics holder. Alarmingly, even after filling both of them up, there are still at least two drawers left with make up in them! However, in the spirit of... Continue Reading →

January Smoky Winter Eye Look

If, like me, you are obsessed with make-up, then you are constantly looking for new ideas and colours to try. I spend a silly amount of time reading beauty blogs, checking out different products on review sites and watching endless youtube reviews and tutorials. I also spend a great deal of time each day on... Continue Reading →

New Year’s Resolutions

Following on from my Christmas post, it is time to make my resolutions for 2018. Now some people have one resolution. Some have none at all. Me? I have many. This is because, I think that if at least one sticks, then that can only be a good thing! In 2017, my New Year's Resolutions... Continue Reading →

Christmas Reflections

I cannot believe that it is all over! The anticipation, preparation and excitement of the festive season flashes by in such a blur that you are at least five days into the new year before you can sit back, take stock and reflect upon Christmas. What a fantastic time! Here, I am going to tell... Continue Reading →

Getting Ready for Christmas: Part 1

Christmas. For so long, this was a word that, for me, inspired panic, anxiety and sadness. This was a time of year where happiness was essential and kindness was scheduled. Everything felt like a mad rush. Grabbing meaningless gifts because you remembered at the last minute that they were likely to buy for you. Despairing... Continue Reading →

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